My Journey Into Art Through Mental Illness

This is my first book. I wrote it during 2013-14 and published it after having a major break down. What prompted me was that I was constantly battling to find support from mental health services and needed to find a way of getting myself out of a very dark place. I used the process as a means of self healing. I'm not quite there just yet but I do not dispair as I am on my road to recovery.

This book may appeal to professionals and voluntary organisations working within mental health and to those who have been affected with a mental illness. It is a detailed account of my journey of art through mental illness and shares my story of how I used art as a means of self healing and expression and for many years used my creativity in a professional wayThis book of a 102 pages is full of my creations which include poetry written during times of extreme turmoil, it shares my stories of being a victim of sexual abuse, rape and how I was bullied at school. It may also be of interest to art buyers and collectors. My first Journal mainly covers the period from birth up until 1997. I am currently working on my second book.

This book may be of interest to those who like my artwork and who would like to have the opportunity of understanding the person behind my works. It may also be of interest to those who are struggling to cope with mental illness.

The book cannot be purchased from my website. However this link will take you to blurb where it can be purchased. I am selling the book at cost as it is more important for me to share my story.

The book contains 102 pages 193 pictures and approximately 25000 words and is a large landscape size 12x13inc Premium paper, matte finish.

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