Carers in Herts

Shirley has spent many years caring for others including her son, and her mother who sadly passed in June 2020. Her role as a carer and her own underlying mental health issues took its toll on her. She had a nervous breakdown in both 1991 and 2013. The second breakdown hit her really hard She hardly moved from her sofa over a two year period which has had a long term detrimental impact on her physical health. However, during that time she received ongoing support from Carers in Herts who kindly paid for computer software and a printer to give Shirley the encouragement she so desperately needed at that time, to focus a little on her needs as well as her caring role. Without their support Shirley could not have afforded to pay at that time.

Being supported through those very challenging times is essential for carers. They do amazing work but unfortunately they are often the forgotten ones. Shirley will always be forever grateful for the support she received. Her way of giving back is by adding the donate button to Carers in Herts on her own website.

Her story is quite unconventional and may inspire those who are battling with their own mental health, for carers who feel isolated due to their caring role or to those who create as a hobby but would like to go that step further and exhibit their work. For those who may not know where to start or don't have the confidence to further their career as an artist, you may find some comfort and inspiration from Shirley's story. Further information about Shirley and her work can be found in the biography and artist statement sections of this website.