Shirley Kaci is the founder of Kaci designs which was formed many years ago whilst Shirley was freelancing as a soul trader selling her paintings, limited edition prints and limited edition miniature sculptures.

Kaci designs is a platform for Shirley Kaci’s artwork to be shared worldwide. She has a huge body of expressive quirky sketches, abstract digital art and design and beautiful colourful expressive florals.

Shirley has applied her designs onto many products including, women and men’s clothing and accessories, soft furnishings and gift items.
You can see her and her daughters clothing brand Kaci Kit at

Over the coming weeks you will be able to purchase almost all of Shirley’s limited edition expressive sketches, digital abstract paintings and expressive florals as lucid fine art prints. All limited edition prints will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Lucid Fine art printing is great if you like a minimal look for your interior or exterior project. It gives the illusion of a floating picture and the acrylic glass will show off the vibrancy of every colour, giving a sense of depth to your chosen piece.

A project in its infancy, with the lucid print technology and there durability, Shirley is working on new paintings for those who would like to brighten up their garden, shed fence or to turn their garden into a an outside gallery set against your garden space. Or to place a bright vibrant print in your bathroom and not have to worry about condensation. For those who have a yacht this could be a perfect solution whilst at sea being able to bring the inside outside.

If you see something you like but would like it colour matched to your interior or exterior the possibilities are endless as Shirley will accommodate all enquiries however big or small.