Customer Testimonials

  • Thank you very much for "Bryan the Surveyor" which I received before Christmas.

    Louise Archer Deputy Director Broadland Housing

  • Thank you for my hand crafted surveyor figurine which arrived at Christmas. They are very cute and now on the shelf.

    Taylor Vinters Solicitors

  • I would like to thank you very much for the kind gift of the sculpture crafted by Shirley Kaci "Brian The Surveyor".

    Due to government rules, I have donated this thoughtful gift to the Mayors' Appeal, which currently supports the Bangladeshi parents and carers' association and St Margaret's settlement. I'm sure that this will raise very welcome funds for these deserving causes.

    Aman Dalvi Corporate Director Tower Hamlets

  • Thank you for the workman figure I received this week.

    Andrew Savage Executive Director Broadland Housing

  • Thank you for your very kind gift.

    Steve O'Brian Head of Commercial Bank Barclays Commercial

  • Many thanks for the "Statuette".

    Richard Janes Mrics Associate Director Savills

  • Thank you very much for the further addition to my collection of figurines. This years model is particularly appropriate especially for Brian B.........

    James Buxton Bidwells

  • Just a brief note to thank you for Kaci Designs characters.

    John Hayden Swan Group

  • Many thanks for the Christmas Gift. A nice piece - much appreciated. We'll keep Shirley Kaci's name on file!

    Merry Christmas to you.

    John Miles Corporate Services Board

  • Very many thanks for Eric - both the sculpture and the card are really great! What a talented trainee you had, and well done for promoting her talents in this way. I feel very honoured to be included.Best wishes.

    Judith Harrison Project Director, The Housing Forum Constructing Excellence

  • I bought 'Millennium' from Shirley simply on the basis that I fell in love with it!Having seen the picture in the gallery I just fell for it, however it was a lot of money... I went away and could not stop thinking about the picture. After a couple of weeks I made the decision to return to the gallery and if the picture was still there then it was meant to be mine! Needless to say it was still there and as they say the rest is history. I bought the picture about six years ago and still find myself gazing at it fondly, it's fair to say I still get a lot of enjoyment out of my painting.

    Mandy McLean Managing Partner, ISMdirect Ltd

  • I have worked with Shirley since 2001. Our first introduction was when she took part in a training and employment scheme...I have no hesitation in recommending her as an artist and creative professional, as her passion and drive make an ideal partner.

    Hill Partnerships LTD